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[1] CHE CHE BSA OO $5.95
Crushed Pan bread combined with our spiced butter
[5] SHEBA'S SALAD * $4.95
Lettuce, Tomato, onion and jalapeno lightly spiced and dressed.
[2] CATEGNA* $5.95
Steamed injera lightly buttered and spiced
[6] AFRICAN SALAD ** $4.95
Chopped tomato, jalapeno, onion, fresh lemon, ginger, and injera, served cold but spicy hot!
[3] SAMBUSA (2 per order)* $3.95
Spiced ground beef in a crispy pastry wrapper(Veggie Sambusa available)

[7] AZIFA * $5.95
Lentils in spicy jalapeno, mustard and ginger

[4] KITFO* $7.95
Ground tenderloin beef tartar with exotic spice and butter rolled in injera.


Woven basket table with removable lid
All Entrees served with 3 vegetable sides and injera. (Extra injera $3.00.)
[8] DORO WOTT ** $14.95
Slow cooked chicken drumsticks in a spicy butter sauce.
[11] YEBEG WOTT ** $16.95
Slow cooked chunks of lamb in a spicy butter sauce.
[9] DORO TIBS * $14.95
Cubes of chicken, sauteed in spicy wine & butter.
[12] YEBEG ALITCHA O $16.95
Chunks of lamb in a cery mild garlic and ginger sauce.
Minced chicken simmered in a spicy pepper & garlic sauce.

[13] YEBEG TIBS OO $16.95
Small chunks of lamb sautéed with onions and jalapeño in a spicy butter sauce.


[14] YEBEG FITFIT O $15.95
Spicy or garlic ginger sauce mixed with injera.

One of the most charming-and practical! -aspects of Ethiopian hospitality is the “hand washing ceremony” at the beginning and ending of every meal called “SEN’NA BERT.” We hope you will allow us to serve you this way!
                BREAD FOR BREAKING
Just tear off a piece of “Injera” -our spongy, crepe-like sourdough bread - and use it to pick up a choice morsel from the platter, or sop up some of the rich gravy.

For the most authentic “taste of Ethiopia,” may we suggest a glass of Honey Wine (“TEJ”), or a glass of our traditional Spiced Tea (“SHAHI”) - non-alcoholic, served either hot or cold-from the beverage section.

                A FITTING CONCLUSION
From the Province of Kaffa, where the coffee bean grows wild to this day, comes the name of the rich and zesty drink known around the world. How fitting that our own, special, Ethiopian brew would be a perfect conclusion to your meal!
As Hot as you like
Not at all hot
Hot & Spicy
Mildly Hot & Spicy
20% gratuity will be added to all parties of 6 or more.
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