As Hot as you like
Not at all hot
Very Hot & Spicy
Mildly Hot & Spicy
[1] CHE CHE BSA OO $3.50
Crushed Pan bread combined with our spiced butter
[4] SHEBA'S SALAD * $2.95
Tomato, onion and jalapeno lightly spiced and dressed.
[2] QUATEGNA O $3.95
Fried injera lightly buttered and spiced
[5] AFRICAN SALAD ** $3.95
Chopped tomato, jalapeno, onion, fresh lemon, ginger, and injera, served cold but spicy hot!
[3] SAMBUSA * $2.50
Spiced ground beef in a crispy pastry wrapper, served with [14] and [6].
[6] AZIFA * $4.25
Lentils in spicy jalapeno, mustard and ginger


Woven basket table with removable lid


[7] DORO WOTT ** $13.95
Very spicy, slow cooked pieces of chicken.
[8] DORO ALITCHA O $12.95
Pieces of chicken in a very mild garlic & ginger sauce.
[10] Yedoro Tibse O $13.95
Cubes of chicken, sauteed in spicy wine & butter.

Minced chicken simmered in a spicy pepper & garlic sauce.



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